Information about exhibition

Mosk. Region, Odintsovo-Expo
Адрес : Mosk. Region, of Odintsovo, M.Nedelina's street, д.21
The municipal exhibition center has been constructed in September, 2002 and used as the premise for exhibitions of various commodity producers of area, and also is art-cultural actions. The building was under construction under the individual project, and has no analogs on all country. The construction represents the hemisphere in height about 12 meters and occupies more than thousand square meters. All communications are brought to "center": the electricity, heat - and water supply, the Internet. Total the area of expocenter makes about 700 sq. meters. Exhibition stands standard: panels of clean color in the size of 2,5 meters (height) both 1 m (width) and the area from 4 sq. meters. The typical complete set of the stand: the table (or the podium), the chair, the electric lighting, kovrolinovoe the covering, frizovaja the inscription. At will of the participant of the exhibition the firm gives the additional exhibition equipment: racks, show-windows, counters etc. For storage of surpluses of the goods, the warehouse is given. Organizers provide advertizing of actions spent in the Municipal exhibition center in local mass media (TV, radio, newspapers), protection of property of participants at night, cleaning of the premise, export of dust. Participants can take advantage of phone, the fax, the copier, the Internet.

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