Exhibition Stands in Moscow : Exhibit booth in Moscow: construction of booths, stands for exhibitions. Need a stand? Design and construction of stands. Quality. Reliability, moderate prices.

The "Ridge Group" offers services in design and construction of exhibition stands:
Booth construction in Moscow:: stand design and manufacture of stands, design of exclusive exhibition booths, montag of stands, proffidesign & exclusive design of exhibition booths, construction of exhibition stands

Our company adheres to a flexible pricing policy, ensuring the reliability and quality of works.

Main activities of our company:
Construction and design of exhibition stands, exhibition booths, Convention decorating services, event and creative communication services

Our experts will perform all work associated with design, construction and dismantling of exhibition stands. We produce for you a variety of advertising and product design: logos, vinyl graphics application, information blocks, full color posters, banners and mesh banners - one copy; dimensional letters, signs and shop windows. We have developed a design-build projects and exhibition stands for companies such as JSC «ST-Volga», CJSC «Irlen-Engineering», LLC «Robur», LLC «Fortune» (Tigoda TM) and others.

From our clients we have thanks.

We can produce any design of exhibition stands:

Exhibition stands, based on standard designs (aluminum OCTANORM and MAXIMA)
The standard exhibition booths with unique design elements
Exhibition stands, combining the standard constructor and wooden construction . All deals with a scope cycle of graphic works: starting from plottered inscriptions, graphic for exhibitions, printing of posters for exhibitions, trade marks, up to full-colored printing of posters for exhibitions, banners, manufacturing of volumetric trade marks.
Exclusive exhibition stands (booths) (using wood, plastic, metal, plexiglas, glass, melanin)

Exhibition stand construction in Moscow, Russia, in Germany: in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Lipzig, exhibition booth design and construction in Dubai, in Delhi, in Europe, in UK, in India, in Singapore, Italy, in China, in Malasia, in Japan, in Chech Republic, in Slovenia, Trade Show stands in Russia, in Australia, in Shanghai, Hong Kong, exhibition booth construction in different contries.

You need exhibition stand in Moscow? Exhibition space, design and construction of your stand.
We can help you to buy a place in any exhibition in Moscow, can recommend a major exhibition,
can build exhibition stands (exhibit booth) in all the exhibitions in Moscow and in any place. Quality.
Reliability, the best prices. We are happy to assist you!

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expositions building

expositions building
expositions building expositions building

expositions building expositions building

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expositions building 13 expositions building 14

недорогой выставочный стенд в Москве строительство эксклюзивного выставочного стенда Samsanite

expositions building expositions building

expositions building expositions building

expositions building expositions building

expositions building expositions building

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Construction of exhibition stands in Moscow

Exhibition for any company - an opportunity to express themselves or their products. They always occupy an important place in the company policy. Exhibitions unimaginable without the exhibition stands and other exhibit materials. The company, which provides exhibition services have different technology for the development, construction and manufacture of stands for various purposes. Exhibition stand - a business card company, is exhibiting its own products.

Manufacturing exclusive exhibition stands in Moscow, exhibition design companies Moscow

Production of exhibition stands - a complex engineering exercise that requires experience and expertise not only the designer of the stand, but the engineer. Exhibition stands can be two-story and be equipped with audio and video equipment, poor quality installation which may lead to property damage during the operation, and the harm suffered by staff the booth.

Exclusive exhibition stands require a complex design development. Such stands should not be similar to the standard construction of exhibition space. All, each rack or reception desk should be as informative and attractive and stay in place. Even with limited exhibition space can create the most intuitive, attractive and informative stand. That is the goal of achieving exhibition companies in the manufacture of exhibition stands.

Construction and fabrication of exhibition booth construction in Moscow

Professional manufacturer of exhibition stands include the development of a unique design and layout of the stand, all the stages of preparation and production of the stand to installation and on-site installation of the exhibition. In the manufacture of exhibition stands using various materials such as steel, wood, plastic, glass that allows you to create durable, functional and exclusive exhibition stand. Construction of exhibition stands requires the observance of certain rules and regulations not only during installation and assembly of construction of the stand, but also in the development of project and technical documentation at the design stage of the future stand. Modern equipment, latest technologies and developments in the field of design and design of stands can realize the most ambitious projects of exhibition stands.

Preparation of the exhibition. Functional, attractive and colorful design exhibition stand - it's not all that is required for the success of exhibitions and presentations. If it were so simple, construction of exhibition stands did not require the participation of people. All hope of a successful exhibition, of course, rests with the exhibition stands, but do not forget about the preparation of the exhibition itself staff the booth.

Design of exhibition stand, as the program itself and the event is better to start to develop in advance. Not bad start for six months to negotiate with the developer to approve the design of stands and exhibition stand. Based on the space and placement of elements on the stand can think about the program and expressions, the location of promotional materials and documents. All this will help make the project developers stand. After the preparatory procedures should be building exhibition stands.

Buy and order the exhibition stands in Moscow easiest, because the capital is rich presentations, expositions, exhibitions and promotions, and many companies offer stands. But as more companies offer services in the design of exhibition stands, the more difficult to select the best for you. The company offers Ridjey exhibition stands, based on the experience of not one successful exhibition, so our customers always order the design of exhibition stands with us.

Exhibition stand can be set as the day before the event and long before that. Buildings exhibition stands at the same time must be performed by a professional team of employees company-the designer, to maintain security and integrity of the future stand. This is especially true for the capital, for exhibition stands in Moscow must provide the owner of the stand among the many competitors at the show. This exhibition tochitsya fierce battle for market. Show booth is not in this role.

Company "Ridjey" creating exhibition stands variety of styles and trends. Being in constant creative search for new ideas and forms of their realization, we produce exhibition stands using the latest technology and most advanced materials for any budget. Our company by virtue of high quality projects of any complexity, we build exhibition stands in Moscow, Russia and abroad. By providing comprehensive services, we offer our clients exhibition stands on a turnkey basis, carrying out the design of exhibition stands according to the parameters of its concept and functionality, stylistic direction and the desired value. The next phase of our work - this is an original aesthetic design of exhibition stands, which is performed by professional designers. Our designers will take into account all the nuances and the psychological characteristics of perception of color and form, using the most effective marketing techniques and making the exhibition stands a really vivid and memorable. And the end of all our hard work - the actual building of exhibition stands on the site of exposure. Creative knit team of professionals of our company is always looking for new creative ideas.
We feel the tastes and requirements of customers to the style of decoration of exhibition stands, by adopting only the freshest and latest trends in advertising and marketing. Exclusive and unique exhibition stands from the company "Ridjey" - is an effective promotion of your business.
Exhibition Service - design of exhibition stands. Design stand Ridjey.





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