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Mosk. region, Zhukovsky, TVK Russia
Адрес : Moscow oblast, Zhukovsky, Tupolev str., 18, p. 1
In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from February, 20th, 2008 № 217 currently, we are implementing the project to establish a National aircraft manufacturing centre in Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Model National center for aviation envisages creating conditions for the consolidation and placement of engineering and design resources for Russias aviation industry in close proximity to each other. At the same time, in order to improve advertising and exhibition activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, decree No. 217 provides for the establishment of the open joint stock company of the Transport-exhibition complex Russia. In this respect, the Decree is implemented by the FSUE Rosoboronexport. The following 100 % stake in TVK Russia will be transferred as a property contribution of the Russian Federation in the State Corporation Russian technologies. Basic site for TVK Russia defined the territory of the Flight test Institute named after Gromov. LII. M. M. Gromov is the unique flight-test base of the Russian aviation industry. Two runways, one of which is the largest in Europe (length 5.5 km, width – 120 m), allows to accept aircrafts of the world types, including space shuttles. TVK Russia - is a multimodal complex combining exhibition, transport, service, office and Museum and historical centers. The exhibition area of TVK Russia is planned to operate year-round, arranging them national and international exhibitions in different fields. The vast territory of the exhibition complex will allow to organize and carry out screenings not only air, but any ground vehicles, both military and civil purposes. With the use of appropriate infrastructure on the territory of TVK Russia will be demonstrated driving performance, for example, equipment, vehicles for any purpose, as well as firefighting and security system.

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