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Kalmykia, Elista, VTS "ElistaEKSPO"
Адрес : Kalmykia, Elista,
«Exhibition center ElistaEkSpO» is the first exhibition center formed in Republic Kalmykia. Overall objective of "Exhibition center ElistaEkSpO» - assistance to development of economy JUFO and to expansion of business ties with other regions of the country by maintenance of participation of the increasing quantity of the enterprises and firms in the effective exhibition actions organized by the Exhibition center at the All-Russia level. Active development of the furniture, building and jeweler industry involves the increasing quantity of the largest trading organizations from the most various regions of the Russian Federation, the countries of near and far abroad on market JUFO. In this connection there was the necessity of creation of the exhibition center in territory of Elista. «Exhibition center ElistaEkSpO» will organize exhibition projects: «StrojInterer. Housing and communal services», "agroprodmash", "JuvelirEkSpO-Elista", «the Goods of the XXI-st century».

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