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Arkhangelsk, VTS "Pomorsky fair"
Адрес : Arkhangelsk, John Kronshtadtskogo's street, d. 17 (TK "Kronstadt", the right wing), 3 floor, of. 310
February, second, 1999 in Arkhangelsk the first specialized firm on the organization and carrying out of exhibitions of the goods and services – the Exhibition center «Pomorsky fair» was organized. Same year «Pomorsky fair» became the member of the Arkhangelsk commercial and industrial chamber. In 2003, after carrying out of the expert estimation, "VTS" Pomorsky fair »has been accepted in the International Union of exhibitions and fairs, becoming the full member of the Union, and in 2006 became the full member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs. On preparation of exhibitions and fairs the company spends the organizational activity with active assistance of administration of the Arkhangelsk area, the mayoralty of the city and the Arkhangelsk commercial and industrial chamber. Besides, at carrying out of vystavochno-exhibition actions, «Pomorsky fair» gets information support of leading mass-media of area and the city. For 10 years of the work «Pomorsky fair» has passed the big way of development, the collective has got huge practical experience of preparation and carrying out of vystavochno-exhibition actions and has brought the big contribution to development of exhibition business to the Arkhangelsk area. For the given period it has been spent more than 100 exhibitions and fairs in which has taken part over 10 000 companies representing the countries of near and far abroad, various regions of Russia and areas of the Arkhangelsk area. The subjects of exhibitions are very wide – it covers practically all fields of activity of the person: from agriculture to public health services. Such projects as «Arkhangelsk - the EXPO», «Wood and derevoobrabotka», «Arkhangelsk - avto», «Medicine for you», etc. «Pomorsky fair» has accepted active participation in revival of "Margaritinsky fair» which became one of the most popular among participants and one of the fairs most visited in region became "card" of the enterprise. For 10 years of work the quantity of rented exhibition areas has repeatedly increased, the quantity of visitors of the actions spent by the exhibition center has grown. Within the limits of exhibitions business actions will be organized: presentations, lectures, trainings, seminars, forums, conferences.
All the coming and going in the exhibition Arkhangelsk, VTS "Pomorsky fair"
19.01.38    SUMMER Torzhok - 2022

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