Information about exhibition

Vologda, VTS the Russian house
Адрес : Vologda, street Pushkin, 25а
The exhibition center «Russian House» gives ample opportunities for conducting exposition activity Rented exhibition areas: -Closed (for placing exhibition boksov, more than 2000 sq.m.), -Opened (for exhibiting of the large-sized equipment, technics). Carrying out of power supplies 220 V) is possible. Equipment of internal exhibition areas includes: -Standard exhibition place: the stand (the minimum area – 2 sq.m.), stenovye panels-protections (width of one panel of 1 m., height of 2,5 m., the configuration of three kinds as directed the exhibitor), 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 fixtures, the carpet covering, frizovaja the inscription with the name of the organization. -In addition at will of the exhibitor are given: separate elements of the standard exhibition place, the rack, the glass show-window with illumination, the hanger, the table-podium, the mirror, the computer or printer table, the electric equipment with connection, the videorecorder, the TV. Two conference halls, the calculated on 50 and 80 persons. The organization of conference on the second floor of the Exhibition center (to 200 persons) is possible. Conference halls are equipped with necessary furniture, the sound equipment. On all floors of the Exhibition center and the used areas of the Concert hall the stationary system of the scoring works, allowing to provide advertizing to participants of the exhibition. Computers are united in the local area network connected to the Internet, are available the network printer, plotter. The general protection of the exposition and adjoining territory, operates in the evening throughput system. The lift load-carrying capacity of 500 kg. Convenient entrance to the Exhibition center, entrance gate are adapted for the admission of large-sized objects. Artificial fur-tree (7,8 m.) for carrying out of New Year's holidays, garlands and other ornaments. All available exhibition equipment is given in rent for carrying out of exit expositions.

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