i-Nanotech - 2022

Наименованиеi-Nanotech - 2022
Краткое описаниеМеждународная конференция Лондоне, Великобритания
Сроки проведения14.07.2022 – 15.07.2022
Страна проведенияАнглия
Выставочный комплексАнглия
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The International Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Conference (i-Nanotech) welcome you to London, UK during July 14-15, 2022 to share your research findings, promote knowledge exchange and network with a broad audience in the field of nanomedicine and nanotechnology.

i-Nanotech 2022 is an annual gathering for researchers, practitioners and educators to share the insights and discuss the recent innovations, trends, research, concerns as well as practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in the broad field of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicines.

i-Nanotech 2022 provides a premier platform for a broad range of nanotechnology professionals covering the interdisciplinary fields of biology, material science, physics, chemical, and bioengineering among others. The i-Nanotech Operating Committee invites the submission of abstracts covering a broad range of cross-cutting topics, including Nanosensors, Nanotools, Nanomaterial, Nanodevices, Nanobiotechnology, and Nanomedicines.

The conference’s global goal is to bring Academicians, Research & Development Executives, Scientists, Industrialists, policymakers to deliberate upon and disseminate innovative ideas and share their experiences along with the research findings on all aspects of Nanotechnology.

Nanomedicine-related sessions will encourage discussions among the interdisciplinary nanotechnology in the medical community while fostering the development of new and synergistic collaborations between academic and industrial scientists.

Join us and witness the booming industry by taking part in i-Nanotech 2022 and giving new opportunities from around the world to your career and business. We'll be pleased to host you in London.

Nanotechnology Nanomedicine Conference

The global nanotechnology market is witnessing substantial growth and is captivating worldwide attention owing to its extensive range of uses. As nanotechnology is expanding, so is the scope for its commercial expansion. The immense range of potential products and applications gives nanotechnology its huge growth prospects. In such a scenario, a gigantic opportunity lies for industry participants to tap the fast-growing market.

The growth can be linked to rising demand across several industries including energy, medical and life sciences, aerospace, electronics and semiconductors, automotive, sensors, military and defense, and product safety and anti-counterfeiting due to high magnetic, optical, catalytic, and electronic properties. The factors driving demand for nanomaterials in different end-user industries are growing investment in research and development, increasing popularity of nanomaterials in different application industries, and the excellent physio-chemical properties of nanomaterials.

The top applications of nanotechnology are electronics, energy, and biomedical. Together, they represent more than 70% of the global market in nanotechnology, electronics being the largest application. The energy application captured the nanotechnology market’s second-highest share, followed by biomedical application.
Nanotechnology promises to transform the way diseases are treated and detected. Nanomedicine covers several different areas of application, including drug delivery, drugs, and therapies, in- vivo imaging, in-vitro diagnostics, biomaterials, and active implants. Drug delivery is the dominant field of research in nanomedicine, contributing 76 percent of scientific publications, followed by in vitro diagnostics with an 11 percent contribution. Currently, cancer is one of the largest therapeutic areas in which nano-enabled products have made major contributions.

Not only is nanotechnology the future, but it's also here already. It has quietly but significantly improved our lives and with the ongoing efforts of researchers around the world, nanotechnology continues to develop solutions in technology, medicines, energy, and tools that benefit our daily lives.

Международная конференция по нанотехнологиям и наномедицине (i-Nanotech) приветствует вас в Лондоне, Великобритания, 14-15 июля 2022 года, чтобы поделиться результатами ваших исследований, способствовать обмену знаниями и общению с широкой аудиторией в области наномедицины и нанотехнологий.

i-Nanotech 2022 - это ежегодное собрание исследователей, практиков и преподавателей, на котором они делятся идеями и обсуждают последние инновации, тенденции, исследования, проблемы, а также возникающие практические проблемы и решения, принятые в широкой области нанотехнологий и наномедицины.

i-Nanotech 2022 предоставляет первоклассную платформу для широкого круга специалистов в области нанотехнологий, охватывающих междисциплинарные области биологии, материаловедения, физики, химии и биоинженерии, среди прочего. Операционный комитет i-Nanotech приглашает к представлению тезисов докладов, охватывающих широкий круг сквозных тем, включая Наносенсоры, Наноинструменты, Наноматериалы, Наноустройства, Нанобиотехнологии и наномедицины.