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Minsk, Belekspo NVTS
Адрес : Belarus, Minsk, avenue Masherova, 14
Own areas Open (sq.) 10000 Closed (sq.) 8750 On December, 27th, 1968 in Minsk there was the event which has put the basis to development of exhibition activity in Belarus — the exhibition hall on J.Kupaly's street, 27 in which the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy (VDNH BSSR) has opened has been put in operation. In it throughout many years constantly operating exposition took places. In 25 years VDNH it has been reorganized in the Republican Exhibition center which problem included carrying out of national and international specialized exhibitions. The autumn of 1996, at the initiative of the Administrative office of the President of Byelorussia in conducting the Republican exhibition center had been transferred expocenter to avenue Masherova, 14, and on February, 11th, 1998 there was renaming RVTS into National exhibition center "БелЭкспо" of the Administrative office of the President of Byelorussia. Today it is the large exhibition company which has at the order expocenter on J.Kupaly's street, 27 (5153 sq. m of the closed exhibition area) and expocenter on avenue Masherova, 14 (3071 sq. m of the closed exhibition area). Into structure NVTS "БелЭкспо" enter 16 departments and services, and also the information-analytical center. The basic field of activity is the organization and carrying out of the international and regional, universal and specialized exhibitions. A part of the enterprise it is information - the analytical center provides working out and delivery "on a turn-key basis" programmno-technical complexes, the applied and system software, control facilities and protection of the information, creation of multimedia systems, high-speed radio systems of data transmission, local computer networks. NVTS "BelEkspo" successfully develops the direction connected with the organization of entrance and exit tourism. All divisions of the exhibition center are equipped modern computer and the office equipment allowing operatively and qualitatively to solve industrial problems. On the areas "BelEkspo" all considerable exhibition actions of republican and international scale are carried out. "BelEkspo" closely cooperates with many exhibition companies (Joint-Stock Company "Минскэкспо", VOOO "ekspoforum", Joint-Stock Company “Technics and communications”, etc.).
Street of Yankee Kupaly, 27
The pavilion is located in the business center of Minsk, on the bank of the river Svisloch. Nearby there is «the old city» - Troitsk suburb, the National academic Bolshoi theater of the opera and ballet, the best hotels - "Belarus", "Anniversary", "Planet", cozy cafes and restaurants.
Avenue of Winners, 14
The pavilion is located in one of the most beautiful and modern places of the city of Minsk who divides the business part of the city and the park zone round Komsomol lake.
All the coming and going in the exhibition Minsk, Belekspo NVTS
13.04.23    STAY - 2023
17.05.23    MILEX - 2023
04.10.23    BelTexLegProm. Vesna - 2023
14.11.23    PRODEXPO Minsk - 2023
22.08.25    ECOLOGY EXPO - 2023

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